Transmission Maintenance

Transmission Maintenance

Even for those of you who aren’t mechanically-inclined, you likely still realize that transmission problems are among the most expensive repairs needed for your car. The transmission in your vehicle is a complex system of gears. They transmit mechanical power to your engine, ultimately determining the rate of speed that you drive. Your transmission converts this power from the engine so that it can supply high torque at low speeds, as well as selecting which gears are appropriate according to your driving conditions. This is especially true with automatic transmissions – by far, the most popular transmissions found in the United States. Instead of the use of a clutch to engage the transmission, automatic transmissions use a torque converter (between the engine and transmission) for controlling how many gears are used while on the road. Supplying the power to regulate gear action is a difficult duty, and that is why it is very important for you to contact C & C Automotive, your transmission service specialists. Listed below are some of the essential maintenance tasks that we do:

  • Drain transmission and torque converter
  • Refill Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF) with new fluid

    Problems with your transmission usually come up when you neglect regular service. If fluids aren’t changed properly, heat caused by mileage friction can result in rough shifting, accelerated wear, and even total failure. That is why it’s crucial that you come to us to ensure your transmission is lubricated and cooled by the best quality transmission fluids, installed by our professional service techs.


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